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Les courses à obstacles comme Spartans et X Warriors gagnent en popularité. De nombreux gymnases tentent de recréer des obstacles de courses, afin de mieux préparer les coureurs. Les enfants aussi peuvent tenter de vaincre les obstacles en gymnase. Patrick Henri s’est intéressé à ces jeunes qui pratiquent un sport appelé mini ninja warriors.
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City Fit Shop has put together a list what you should bring to the OCR races based on the distance and season of the race, what you should wear,, and recommendations on nutrition for all distances. What To Wear No cotton.. Even panties. It chafes. Tight fitting clothing. Fitted tanks, t-shirts or long sleeves. You can
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City Fit Shop had a blast with CTV’s Tim Adams and Chris Tse. We ran them through a great class. It is always fun exposing individuals to a sport they have never tried before. Education is always key and love the genuine interest and enthusiasm they brought to the class.
Amanda Fex OCR
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Our very own Amanda Fex from City Fit Shop was asked to share with YEG Fitness on how to train for an obstacle course race safely and effectively. The article includes great exercises and a free workout you can do to help prepare for your next race. YEG Fitness – Take Your Training Over The