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Ninja Warrior and OCR Kids

What makes our kids programs so AWESOME you ask?

OCR (Obstacle Course Race) and Ninja Warrior training is a fun and inclusive way to build fitness literacy in our youth. It is NOT specialized, and like few programs out there, focuses on ATHLETES, not the sport. Our goal is to make your child the best well rounded athlete they can be.

Based on the principles of MechanicsConsistency and Intensity, OCR Kids emphasizes good movement throughout childhood and adolescence.

Good mechanics translates into physical literacyenhanced sports performance, and fewer sports injuries for kids

The program consists of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is varied, inclusive, and fun. It builds upon itself - each child will experience challenges and rewards during every class.

Success is based on individual effort rather than comparison. We'll get your kids in training  for life - not a small, sport-specific, skill-set.

The workouts are FUN. Our structured program has a strength component, a conditioning aspect and, of course, a fun component.

Ages 2-5

Ages 6-12

Ages 4-13

Trina Suntjens-TurnerFacebook Review
Love City Fit Shop. The whole family has been there and always enjoys it. Amanda & Danielle are fabulous with encouraging the kids & showing them what they are capable of as well as making it so much fun. Only complaint is that I wish we had more free time to go there!!!
AnonymousWeb Survey
My 6-year old’s exact words “best birthday party ever!” Perfect fit for my active kid and his active friends! Good balance between structured time and open gym time!
Deanne Langlois-KlassenGoogle Review
5 Stars! Tried many different activities trying to find the one my daughter loves....and we just did!! Thanks Coach Tab for such as fantastic facility and even better atmosphere. The kids work extremely hard and leave with smiles!
Heather L.Google Review
5 Stars! Thanks Tabitha! The kids Ninja class is amazing and already after the second class my (originally hesitant) daughter is much more comfortable trying these obstacles/activities and so proud to show me what she can accomplish! Both my girls said they wish that their school gym class could be this much fun! What a great thing to have such a unique and valuable type of fitness experience for kids and Tab is a great instructor, so positive and encouraging!

Kids F.A.Q

have a question? let us answer.
  • How long is the class?
    • The class is 60 minutes long.
  • Do I require a waiver?
    • Yes, you do. It's your lucky day! You can sign your waiver electronically here: WAIVER
  • What happens in a class?
    • The kids will build skills and develop strength, speed, agility, and mobility.
    • Classes will include games and activities to warm-up, etc.
    • Time will be spent focused on mastering skills on the obstacles.
    • There will be challenges that mimic popular obstacle races and ninja warrior events.
  • What happens if my child misses a class?
    • Your child membership allows you to sign up for any kids class offered for their age group. If you can't make your regular class you can sign up for any other class. We do require 8 hours cancellation notice for the the reservation to be released. Anything later is considered a late cancel and you will lose that visit.
  • Do you offer family discounts for multiple children?
    • If you have more than one child membership you are eligible for one child to receive 15% off their membership with our family discount. It must be the membership at the lower cost if applicable. This applies to adult memberships as well.
    • There is no discount available for the OCR Mini's registered program.
  • Are memberships refundable?
    • There are no refunds but we do guarantee our programs and understand that not all children will love us. We will reimburse new customers within the first 2 weeks (2 classes) only if your child is not enjoying the class. Due to the high demand of our kids classes and the work put into ensuring we have the best trainers and highest quality instruction we do not currently offer refunds after that point. You may cancel your membership at any point but may be charged applicable fees. If your child is having a hard time we encourage parents to stay and encourage their children. Quite often the experience is new and challenging and simply requires a few classes to get comfortable.
  • Are registered sessions refundable?
    • There are no refunds but we do guarantee our programs and understand that not all children will love us. We will reimburse new customers within the first 2 weeks (2 classes) only if your child is not enjoying the class.
  • Do I have to participate?
    • You are not required to stick around for the OCR KIDS classes. Feel free to stroll Whyte Ave and get a coffee while we make your kids awesome!
    • OCR MINI's does require the the parent to stay in the event there is an issue with your child. Parents with children 2 and 3 years will have to participate with their child.
  • Any other questions?