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Register for our preschooler parented classes! They include 50 minutes of organized play and coaching followed by obstacle open gym time with you and your child. Our friendly coaches lead you and your children in games, skills, and free play as we challenge kids in the ways of a ninja building fitness literacy and movement skills. Start your mini athletes out on the right foot!


Mini Ninjas Advanced kids classes take the training wheels off in a un-parented class. Kids naturally love to swing, crawl, climb, and jump and don’t always understand the risks of injury. As kids explore obstacles more in depth, they learn proper technique to minimize risks and maximize their abilities.


Ninja Kids classes are all about having fun and being active in a safe and inclusive environment. No experience required. Through games, challenges, and skills training, kids develop strength and conditioning using obstacles and basic parkour as seen in popular shows like American Ninja Warrior and Beastmaster. There is no pre-requisite to join, and skills are scaled to all levels of fitness and ability.


It's time to kick their ninja skills up a notch. Kids don’t need to be an expert for the advanced class, just a genuine desire to challenge themselves and go beyond playing games. Our goal remains fun and about building unshakeable confidence. Skills are levelled up with a higher focus on advanced ninja skills and conditioning as we introduce more skills to put their coordination to the test.


Raise the bar on strength and conditioning and much more course practice. It's for the kids who love the thrill of competition and want to seriously compete in the Canadian Ninja League (CNL) and the Ultimate Ninja Athletic Association (UNAA) competitions. Our Ninja team is meant to be challenging, fun, and supportive! Watch their confidence grow with each class as they conquer new obstacles and discover new “look at me” moments. Our vision is to provide every child with tons of fun and for them to walk away proud of themselves for accomplishing something new every class. This class is a great compliment to our Advanced Ninja class and do recommend a minimum of 2 classes/week to be competitive.


We have options to suite every budget and schedule.


For ongoing sessions and monthly payment options
  • 1 Class/Week Membership

    $72.00/28 Days
    Kids Ninja Warrior Monthly Challenges
    Continuous Monthly Membership (Minimum 3 Month Commitment)
    7 Day Cancellation Policy (After 1st Session)
    Family Discounts for Multiple Children
  • 2 Class/Week Membership

    $136.00/28 Days
    Kids Ninja Warrior Monthly Challenges
    Continuous Monthly Membership (Minimum 3 Month Commitment)
    7 Day Cancellation Policy (After 1st Session)
    Family Discounts for Multiple Children
  • 3 Classes/Week Membership

    $189.00/28 Days
    Kids Ninja Warrior Monthly Challenges
    15% Discount on Additional Programs/Camps/Events/Parties/Merchandise
    7 Day Cancellation Policy (After 1st Session)
    Family Discounts for Multiple Children


Details regarding the terms and conditions of our kids memberships


For a one time payment with a set amount of classes.
  • Session Pricing

    $18.99 - $246.87
    We accept pro-rated registrations from 1 class to the full session of up to 16 weeks depending on the season.


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  • Memberships are month-to-month. There is no contract.
  • There is a $60.00 +GST Sign-Up fee that is waived after 3 months of membership. You are only charged in the event you cancel your membership before the 3 month period.
  • City Fit Shop Inc. requires a written request to terminate the membership with 7 days notice. Any membership dues that are within the next 7 day cancellation period will be billed. The member has 28 days from their last payment of membership to utilize the facility.
  • Suspensions are available for a minimum period of four weeks and a maximum of eight weeks per year. A suspension form must be completed in person at the City Fit Shop at least 10 days before the period requested and cannot be back dated. A fee of $15.00 applies to suspend your membership and is payable in advance on pre-paid memberships and non-direct debit clients.
  • Memberships cannot be shared. The classes are only good for the named customer it belongs to.
  • Classes need to be attended in the month they are billed for. You cannot carry over the classes into another month.
  • We guarantee our program and if your child is not enjoying the program you have 14 days after your child's first class to request a refund. After that you are required to cancel your membership as per the standard terms.
  • You can do make-up classes for missed classes. The class needs to be made-up in the billing cycle it was missed.
  • You need to cancel your class 4 hours before class starts to not be charged the cost of the class. We just want time to fill that spot for other children.
  • The membership requires direct monthly billing to a credit card.