Canadian Ninja League Competition (Stage 1 Qualifier)

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Join us February 25th for an unforgettable day as we host our Stage 1 2024 CNL Ninja Competition.


No matter what your skill or experience level this will be a great opportunity to learn, develop and compete using your ninja & obstacle skills in a fun, safe, and friendly environment. We'll be hosting both a kids & adult competition with the opportunity for all age divisions to qualify for this season's Canadian Ninja League National Finals!


Age Category is determined by the Athlete’s age as of January 1, 2024. Ex. if you are 10 years old on January 1st, you would compete in the 9-10 age category.

The following CNL Age/Gender Categories are:

  • 6-8 Girls / 6-8 Boys
  • 9-10 Girls / 9-10 Boys
  • 11-12 Girls / 11-12 Boys
  • 13-14 Girls / 13-14 Boys
  • 15-17 Girls / 15-17 Boys
  • Amateur Women / Amateur Men
  • Masters (40+) Women / Masters (40+) Men
  • Pro Women / Pro Men

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each athlete MUST purchase a CNL membership in order to have the opportunity to qualify for the CNL National Finals. Although anyone may register and compete in the event, those that do not have a CNL membership will NOT BE ELIGIBLE to qualify for the CNL National Finals.

Rules are also listed on the CNL website.

Registration is EXTREMELY LIMITED for this competition!

Register early to ensure you secure a spot.


Ages 6-8

8:30 am - Registration/Sign-in
9:00 am - Course Walk-Through
9:30 am - Competitor Waves
11:30 am - Metal Ceremony

Ages 9-10

11:00 am - Registration/Sign-in
11:30 am - Course Walk-Through
12:00 pm - Competitor Waves
2:15 pm - Metal Ceremony

Ages 11-12

1:45 pm - Registration/Sign-in
2:15 pm - Course Walk-Through
2:45 pm - Competitor Waves
4:45 pm - Metal Ceremony

Ages 13-14

4:15 pm - Registration/Sign-in
4:45 pm - Course Walk-Through
5:15 pm - Competitor Waves
6:00 pm - Metal Ceremony

Ages 15-17/Amateurs/Masters/Pro

5:30 pm - Registration/Sign-in
6:00 pm - Course Walk-Through
6:30 pm - Competitor Waves
7:15 pm - Metal Ceremony


Here's what you can expect:

  • You do not have to show up for the whole day, you can show up for your division start times.
  • Please show up at least 30 minutes prior to your division start times for warm up and orientation.
  • Prior to division start times, we will be walking through the course where athletes and coaches can ask questions pertaining to the goal of the obstacles. Judges cannot give any hints of advice no how to navigate obstacles.
  • Competitors are allowed one coach to follow the athletes through the course as well as one person to film the course. All other spectators can watch in the spectator sections to cheer the athletes on.
  • We will present the medals shortly after each division race, so families do not have to stay the entire day.
  • The division start times are approximate.
  • Upon entry, please check in to the registration desk to confirm your entry and we will gather the group for warm up and orientation.
  • Please familiarize yourselves with CNL rules and regulation prior to the race to minimize confusion and delays. The rules can be found here: