It's been a tough few months for everyone. We can feel it, we can see it. City Fit Shop is about lifting each other up, supporting each other, and being there for each other. With everything that is happening around the world, in our country, in our communities, and in our families we really want to bring back kindness and love, and compassion at City Fit Shop.

Kindness can mean different things to different people. The meaning is in how YOU choose to show it. Be it through empathy, acceptance, kind gestures, thoughtfulness, the possibilities are entirely up to you. Kindness might look like being helpful or showing empathy. It may mean doing nice things without expecting nice things in return

Kindness is more than being nice.

Kindness goes beyond merely being nice. Think about it - would you prefer people to describe you to be "kind" or "nice?" There can be a lack of sincerity in just being nice; there is often a perception of doing the minimum. Whereas, being kind is doing intentional, voluntary acts of kindness. Not only when it’s easy to be kind, but when it’s hard to be. Being kind is about choosing so in spite of difference, opinion, or values.

Kindness is a movement.

Has someone ever done something kind to you and all you wanted to do after was pay it forward? That’s because kindness is a chain reaction. It’s a wave that keeps rolling, and all it needs is one person to start it. One small kind act can cause a ripple effect that impacts an entire community. If we are all focused on being kind, we are creating a movement of change. You know that famous "be the change you wish the see in the world" quote? That quote isn't just about change, and it isn't only about one person being able to change their world. It's bigger; it about a movement that can be started from one person acting with intention.

Kind is love; love is kind.

Think about what love entails and what it means to love someone. Got it? Well, that’s kindness. It’s being selfless, caring, compassionate, and unconditionally kind. Like love, it takes practice to understand and feel it. We share love with others through kind acts such as a smile, a nice word, an unexpected deed, or a planned surprise. When we offer these acts to others, we make people feel good; we pass along hope; we promote peace; we show the power of kindness.

Kindness is grace.

We are humans, and therefore, we make mistakes. We can be kind in our response to ourselves and others when those mistakes occur. This means thinking before speaking, forgiving before seeking revenge, and thinking about long-term relationships instead of short-term pride. If we could all remember that none of us are perfect, we would be a lot kinder to each other. Offer grace, be kind.

With that we are doing a 14 DAY BEE KIND CHALLENGE! All we ask is that you perform 14 acts of kindness in 14 days and either post a pic or share your story with the community. Let's start a movement in our community and show YEG what City Fit Shop is all about.

There are prizes for the following categories:

  • $200 Lululemon gift card to person who shares the most acts of kindness
  • $200 gift card of choice to family that shares the most acts of kindness

All you have to do is post to social media a story or pic or video with your act of kindness and tag City Fit Shop!

Share this with your friends, family, kids, co-workers. Lets spread the love!