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It's Back!!
June 8 - June 21
Join City Fit Shop for it's FREE annual Team Stair Challenge. Make friends, get strong, have fun, and kick some serious butt!!


As a team, you have to climb the most stairs.
There are bonus points for team work, hard work, and other amazing feats!


  • Daily limit per team. (200 flights per person.)
  • A team mate can cover your stairs, or a portion of your stairs. We understand life can get crazy.
  • 12 Stairs = 1 Flight
  • No stairs climbers allowed.
  • DOWN does not count.
  • Cannot submit more stairs than the individual and daily team limits.
  • Stair counts must be submitted by 11:30 pm each night.
  • If you don't submit your stairs for 2 consecutive days you are disqualified.


  • Coveted STAIR CHALLENGE mugs for 1st place teams.
  • City Fit Shop Class Passes
  • 1 Month Unlimited Memberships
  • $10 Gift Certificates (Old Strathcona Local Businesses)
  • and More!!


You can only do one challenge per day (excluding the Team Meet-up Selfie Bonus) & you ALWAYS need to post a pic of you to our FB Community Group as proof! It doesn't count if you don't share it.

Double Up Days – There are 2 days in the challenge that you and/or your teammate can double the amount of stairs... You can do twice as many flights as the max, so if your max is 150 you can now do 300 flights of stairs. Each Monday in the challenge is Double-Up Day.

Stair Challenge Friday Workout - Join us on the last day of the challenge for a great stair workout, some epic tales, and some beverages as we celebrate the completion of the challenge. It's worth 100 flights! You can book online HERE

Team Meet-Up/Selfie Bonus - Each team gets 25 bonus flights if you meet your partner and do stairs together at a specific set of stairs in YEG. You will get an additional 25 bonus flights if you and your partner meet up with another team. Your 25 now becomes 50 flights. You can do this as many times as you want!

Weighted Climb Challenge - If you do stairs with weight, (sandbag, weighted vest, etc.) you can rack up the points that day. You can only do this challenge once. Each flight is worth the amount of weight you carried/12. For example, if you do all 200 flights with 20 lbs your score for that day is 200 flights X 20 lbs / 12... so 333 flights. BOOM! Don't worry we do the math. Just enter it in your daily submission. You can only do this challenge once.

Stair Loop Challenge - There is a beautiful and epic stair loop in downtown YEG that we encourage all competitors to run, bike, or walk. You have to do all 7 flights which is every flight of stairs you pass by. This is worth 100 flights and you can only do this once. Here is the map: https://www.mapmyfitness.com/routes/view/4359799471