We have scheduled workshops for all the competitors to get a course walk-through and tips and technique taught by our obstacle experts. Sign your team up now.

Bring your team to practice on your own in any of our open gym times.

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May 25, 2024 - May 26, 2024

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It's Back!!

Are you ready to bring out your inner Ninja Warrior? This is the sport for you! You'll be climbing and crawling, tossing and running through a custom-designed obstacle course at City Fit Shop.

City Fit Shop is super excited to be hosting the 2024 City Fit Obstacle Course Challenge again this year!

For all those practicing, use discount code CORPCHALL2024 to get 10% off your Open Gym Drop-In.

For more information check out the Corporate Challenge Event web site at https://www.edmontoncorporatechallenge.com/events/event/13

Every participant will need a waiver. You can fill out online or print and bring with you:


  • The course is designed for one member to complete the Beginner Course, one to complete the Intermediate Course and one to complete the Advanced Course.
  • Only one competitor will be on the course at a time.
  • Every competitor must wear clean dry shoes.
  • There will be 3 course options, Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced. Each level increases in level of difficulty.
  • Every team will get a walk through the course before the start of the race.
  • Each competitor may attempt any obstacle 3 times.  If a competitor skips or fails to complete an obstacle they will not receive the point(s) for that obstacle.
  • Each competitor must complete their course individually without physical help from their team mates.


  • The sum of the points for obstacles completed, and finish times will equal the total score for the team.
  • Obstacles completed is more important than time completed. If you complete 5 obstacles and finish in 3:59 you will have a lower score than someone who completes 6 obstacles in 4:45.
  • There is an active leaderboard to see live results!