Race Review: X-Warrior Wilderness Race 2017

City Fit Shop Review of X-Warrior Wilderness Race 2017

The Boneyard is a top-notch place to host an X-Warrior. Though there was a little jaunt to the grounds from the parking lot, there were funny Chuck Norris Quotes etc. on signs to entertain us and distract us. The grounds were fantastic with Red Bull playing music, Red Bull tables to eat at, tonnes of places for shade, food tent, vendor tents, large team tents, and an open obstacle for the young kids to play on. The beer garden was right beside the finish line! Drinking beer while cheering on the titans and our finishing friends was the perfect finish to a race day.

All the volunteers were so helpful and amazing. The registration process was smooth, but a little slow, and the early morning rush toilet line was very long with only a few stalls, but fine the rest of the day. We have big families, which all took part, so that plays a factor. I have to say how much we at City Fit Shop appreciate the family friendly nature of this event. We got to race our HEAT early in the morning, and then, due to the generous nature of X-Warrior and the free separate lap, we were able to run the whole thing again for free with our Juniors later in the afternoon. What an amazing experience! There was none of this tiny course dealings, they got to run the whole course (minus a few carry obstacles). I almost cried with pride watching my young girls hop the Dragon’s Back, side by side with me. They love being able to participate and share in the experience with their parents! They Little Warrior Course was awesome for 3 main reasons. The kids got race numbers, tees, and a medals just like their parents, once the race was complete, they got to continue to run as many little titan laps they wanted, and since the course was right in the grounds, parents could still celebrate with friends remain close to the action while supervising their kids. Lastly, the older were able to practice obstacles on the grounds, like the warped wall and Dragon’s Back, due to the generous nature of the volunteers! It was all smiles on the way home.

The course was challenging! Loved the Log style X Over Under, followed by X Switched and X Coaster, which, lets face it….. are the same thing. Lots of Hills to burn out our fresh legs. There wasn’t a lot of man-made obstacles in the 1st KM or so. The rig was awesome! It got progressively harder and the burpee penalty got progressively shorter. Great challenge! The X-Hurdles was harder then it looked, it really burns a person out hopping over rope over a distance of 250 m or so, and then right onto the Ninja balance obstacle. This really forces a racer to slow down. The Axe throw was “meh”, the targets were so small, and the failure rate was likely 95%. 20 burpees for us. My favorite obstacle was the X-Peg! A Z-wall using a peg board. So hard, but so rewarding. We going to get something in the gym to train! The Carry Obstacles were hard, a heavy railroad tie for a looonnnnng way, and the propane tank carry. I felt there was a huge advantage here to being a woman watching the men carry 2! The Dragon’s Back at the end and the cargo climb to the finish was just a fun way to cross the finish line! The only disappointing part, is not getting to do the warped wall only available to Titans.
Overall, City Fit Shop had an amazing day, racing, supporting, cheering, and celebrating the sport of OCR! We cannot wait till the next one!