Hello members,

I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you that your CFS coaches and I have been collaborating on and pouring ourselves into!

When I first envisioned the gym, it was a place for everyone to belong, a place for connection, fitness and fun. We have been so fortunate that all of you have made this vision a reality. The closure of the gym due to the COVID 19 pandemic has been a challenging time as I have missed connecting with the tremendous community that we have. All of you must know by now how much I love being around people, talking to each of you, and bringing you the programming and classes that are fun and that challenge you to grow in your fitness.

On April 1 (this is no joke!) we officially launched a permanent online CFS community that will (1) bring you a temporary plan while we all ride out the pandemic, and (2) will continue on when we open our doors for our face to face workouts again.

This online community will contain special member only workouts, created by me and our CFS coaches. They will enable you to continue your training at home with the same fun and intensity that you're used to. There will be a family section for getting appropriate and fun workouts for your kids, who we also miss tremendously. Coach Krissy has been instrumental in making sure your kids' learning and fun in fitness continues. There will be nutrition, goal setting, and accountability resources to help you establish a plan or help keep you on track with your current plan as you continue to work towards your fitness goals. The members only Facebook group will continue so that we have a constant place to chat, connect, share our wins, discuss ideas, ask questions, and get support for our frustrations and challenges. There will also be specialized programming such as an 8-week learn to run clinic and one-on-one personalized coaching sessions with our amazing CFS coaches.

Here is how the current memberships translate to the online community. We've tried to keep as as close to the existing format as possible. You can access more details here as well:

  • Starter - You have exclusive access to the members only weekly workouts, the members only Facebook community, the goal setting and accountability resources.
  • Accelerator - You have access to all Starter resources, plus the nutrition resources and the family section resources so you are equipped to help your whole family get moving together.
  • Turbo - You have access to all starter and accelerator resources, plus all the specialized programming and one-on-one personalized coaching.

For those that already signed up THANK YOU! Your overwhelming support and participation has been amazing. You can keep your current At Home membership you have and still have access to all the online workouts, as well as the community chats and FB group. We've included the portal and live classes as well. If you want to upgrade to the additional features and services that are included in your standard membership please let us know on the form as well.

Due to the feedback received so far, and in order to keep things simple from a memberships perspective, we are looking to re-activate your memberships so we can all jump on this program next Monday. With that we need your feedback beforehand. Can you please fill out the form below before the end of the week. We are looking at adjusting the memberships Monday April 13th, but don't want to do so without your support and authorization.

Please take note of these 3 points:

I understand times are challenging and not everyone is currently in a position to take this commitment back on right now. That's ok, we all still love you and are grateful for you! We are there for you!

If you have never participated in an online community before and are unsure of the value you'll receive, rest assured that if you give it a go for a month and it's not a fit for you, reach out and I'll freeze your account again, at no charge to you. And of course, we still love you are are grateful that you were willing to give it a try!

For those of you who are diving deep with us and are going to commit to this journey no matter what, thank you. To show our gratitude for your loyalty and support, once CFS opens its doors again, your regular membership will resume for the face to face classes as before, but you will also have continued and on-going access to the online community!

We are all so excited to get back to business and support all of you with your health and fitness needs!

Yours with gratitude,