Book your OCR/Ninja Warrior birthday at City Fit Shop


All participants are required to fill out a waiver before participating in Open Gym. Don't forget to fill our your waiver.

The birthday party that gets kids of all ages moving taking advantage of Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course fun.

Your party will have them running, jumping, climbing, crawling, and swinging building their ninja warrior skills and running through a fun obstacle course to challenge themselves.

Your kids will love you for signing them up!!

If you have any questions please check out our F.A.Q. or Contact Us!


  • Standard Party

    Includes: 6 children (Including birthday child) 1 hour instructed class, 30 minutes open gym time.
  • Additional Participants

    For children over the 6 participants already included in the party.


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You and you're friends should plan to arrive 10 minutes early to ensure your waivers are signed and you are ready to go. The parent/guardian of the child must sign the waiver. You are in luck as it can be done electronically!

The party will start with some super fantastic games geared toward the age level of the party. This will get them warmed up and ready to go. They won't even realize that's what we are doing. Shhhh.  The party will then build some sick obstacle skills in our obstacle playground with the kids playing on our walls, rigs, monkey bars, ropes, tunnels and other fun obstacles.

The best part of the party will be the Ninja Warrior like challenge having the kids try to get through a course, competing or just playing.

There is Open Gym at the end of every party for 30 minutes. If your little ninjas want to try some more challenging obstacles we do require the help and support of parent supervision. The obstacles require spotters and the more hands on deck, the more challenging obstacles the kids get to try.

The party is either 1.5 hours (Standard) or 2 hours (Deluxe).

  • 2 hours includes:
    • 60 minute instructed class
    • 30 minute open gym play time
    • 30 min snack and cake time. You are more than welcome to bring any snack and/or drink, including cake of course. You can even set up some decorations.
  • 1.5 hours includes:
    • 60 minute instructed class
    • 30 minute open gym play time

The programs are customized to the age of the participants. This is to make it challenging and fun for all specific ages. We do parties for kids as young as 3 or 4 and as old as 64!

This participants should wear athletic/comfortable clothing end ensure they have a clean pair of running shoes. We also encourage bringing a water bottle.

Party bookings are currently booked on weekends in the afternoons. Check available booking times. Don't hesitate to pop us a message for some special date requirements. We try to be flexible and get a party that works for you.

We require a deposit of the party package itself when making the booking. The party is fully refundable if cancelled 7 days prior to the event. After that the deposit is non-refundable. We only have this to allow time to offer the service to other customers with enough notice.