Hello parents,

“Moooom! Rory won’t leave me alone and is being mean to me!” *sigh* Does this sound familiar right now?

The kids are fighting with each other, getting on each other’s nerves because they’re bored of staying home, and driving you crazy with all these annoying questions.

It's ok, they're good kids, it’s just what kids do.

This isolation is tough for all of us and the kids need an outlet to release some energy that screen time can’t solve. They miss seeing friends, playing sports, rough-housing at recess, and just being an active kid.

On April 1 (this is no joke!) we officially launched a complete online CFS KIDS community that will bring you and your family a temporary plan while we all ride out the pandemic.

At City Fit Shop will give you and your family more than just a work out. We have got you covered with chats, videos and groups for kids and adults to not just be active, but by building a community that supports each other during these trying times.

We want to see them interacting, laughing, and smiling again with other people and not just at the latest viral video.

So while we’ve had to close the doors to City Fit Shop, it's important to keep our community strong and supportive. After all it's the community that keeps us going and striving to survive in these difficult times.

We are offering an amazing kids program that includes the following:

  • 2 live workouts/week @ 10:00 am
  • 2 additional video workouts/week
  • 2 live kids connect chats/week @ 10:00 am.
  • Weekly kids challenges an activities!

All for HALF THE PRICE of a regular kids membership! So while your standard membership is suspended waiting for you to come back, take advantage of our KIDS ONLY ONLINE MEMBERSHIP while you are at home temporarily.

So if we can't be together, we'll stick together.

From one Local Business trying to make the best of the situation, thank you for your support.





The program is per household so you only have to buy one program for all your children.