To our Members + Friends,

In case you haven't heard, the government announced further restrictions starting tomorrow.

In the words of AHS:

"All youth and adult indoor sport and recreation activities are prohibited. This applies to all youth activities, including for students still learning in classrooms.

Outdoor fitness activities may continue if all other provincewide restrictions and safety measures are followed.

Outdoor recreation amenities can be open to public access unless specifically closed by public health order."

But wait! There's good news:

We had a contingency plan prepared and set up our back courtyard for this situation.

The courtyard is secured, fenced and shielded from the general public.

It's been cleared so we can move obstacles in and out as needed for the kids to still be able to practice obstacles, train, and play a wide variety of games.

While we do take safety seriously and want to see cases go down we are crushed at how it affects the kids.

We've said it before that our concern is not just the physical health of the kids, but the emotional health as well.

All kids classes are still open and will just take place in the open air in our back courtyard.

Kids will still check in at the front and be immediately moved to the courtyard where they will still get to play.

We will be sending an another update shortly with procedural details etc.

We will continue to be diligent with the pre-screening protocols and if they are feeling any symptoms please err on the side of safety.

As always, we are so grateful for your cooperation and support.