Ages 6-13

OCR KIDS (Ages 6-13)

where kids train, learn, and have fun

OCR KIDS is a measurable strength and conditioning program designed to effectively teach the sport of obstacle racing/ninja warrior CHALLENGES to children aged 6-13 years old through age appropriate instruction. There are games, challenges, and more to help facilitate their learning!

Included in all the memberships is a monthly OCR-KIDS NINJA CHALLENGE where the kids can come practice their skills and move their names up the leader board. There are 2 different age groups and courses relevant to the kids abilities.

The classes are taught by industry professionals and certified fitness professionals.

More questions? Check out our F.A.Q.

  • 2 Classes/Week
  • $112
    per Month
  • *No Contract / Billed Monthly
  • 8 OCR-KIDS Classes per Month
  • Kids Ninja Warrior Monthly Challenges ($10)
  • 1 Class/Week
  • $64
    per Monthly
  • *No Contract / Billed Monthly
  • 4 OCR-KIDS Classes per Month
  • Kids Ninja Warrior Monthly Challenges ($15)


  • Memberships are month-to-month. There is no contract.
  • There is a $60.00 +GST Sign-Up fee that is waived after 3 months of membership. You are only charged in the event you cancel your membership before the 3 month period.
  • City Fit Shop Inc. requires a written request to terminate the membership with 30 days notice. Any membership dues that are within the next 30 day cancellation period will be billed. The member has 30 days from their last payment of membership to utilize the facility.
  • Suspensions are available for a minimum period of four weeks and a maximum of eight weeks per year. A suspension form must be completed in person at the City Fit Shop at least 10 days before the period requested and cannot be back dated. A fee of $15.00 applies to suspend your membership and is payable in advance on pre-paid memberships and non-direct debit clients.
  • Memberships cannot be shared. The classes are only good for the named customer it belongs to.
  • Classes need to be attended in the month they are billed for. You cannot carry over the classes into another month.
  • We guarantee our program and if your child is not enjoying the program you have 14 days after your child's first class to request a refund. After that you are required to cancel your membership as per the standard terms.
  • You can use the classes for the month at any point in the month. You can use all the classes in one week, or one class per week. It is up to you.
  • You need to cancel your class 2 hours before class starts to not be charged the cost of the class. We just want time to fill that spot for other customers.
  • The membership requires direct monthly billing to a credit card.

You can view the full Membership Terms and Conditions Here.